ShareGrid is a website where filmmakers and photographers can rent gear to and from each other locally. Every member is fully verified and every rental is covered.

Earn Extra Money

Put your gear to work while you're not using it. Meet local pre-screened Pro's and make extra cash renting your gear to them. Soon, your gear will pay for itself!

Your Gear is Secured

Rentals are secured with bank-level ID verification, credit card & bank account, mobile phone, and professional insurance coverage or damage waiver.

You're in Control

You decide who can rent your gear, and approve requests only when you want. Renters are peer-reviewed and have public profiles.

How Much You Can Make?


Gear Value


Number of Rental Days Per Month


You could earn
per year


Mark LaFleur
Rented more than 28 times
John Wilbers
Rented more than 40 times
Phillip Jackson
Rented more than 30 times


How much does it cost to list an item?

Listing your items on ShareGrid is free. Once you are approved, we even offer a free concierge service to list your items on the community for you, all you have to do is review. If your item is rented, ShareGrid charges a 12% marketplace fee from your profits, as well as a 3% credit card processing fee. You keep 85% of rental charges which are directly deposited to your bank account.

To rent gear out, do I need insurance?

Every rental is insured by renters, with exclusive built-in instant insurance options for up to $750k of coverage, damage waiver for less costly items, as well as verified 3rd party insurance. As the owner you do not need to have insurance on your gear. ShareGrid verifies the renter's insurance policy and coverage, you will receive a certificate of insurance prior to the rental.

When and how do I get paid?

You will be paid your proceed after the gear is returned and you mark the rental complete. Usually funds are released to your bank account on file within 2-3 business days.

Is it safe? What if my gear is damaged?

Your gear is protected by ShareGrid's proprietary verification system. Each ShareGrid member is verified multiple ways, including state ID, mobile phone verification, insurance verification, credit card & bank verification, and professional profile review. Additional trust indicators such as public reviews, social links, check sheets, profile photos and more help you stay safe and secure. In the 0.2% chance there is a claim, we help both parties through the claim process with our friendly and fair customer service.

What if I need to use my gear?

You are always in control, you are free to deny rental requests prior to the start date, set dates that your gear is unavailable so it can't be booked, or cancel last minute if plans change.

How do I drop-off the gear?

Once you confirm a rental request, simply message the renter with a convenient local meeting location and time for pickup and drop-off. ShareGrid handles booking, message relay, insurance verification, payment escrow and more so you don't have to!

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